You don't have to settle anymore. Fine doesn't have to cut it. Your child can THRIVE!

Hi, I'm Sarah!

A little over seven years ago I gave birth to my second child. I was completely caught off guard when shortly after birth he developed extreme eczema, his poop was really sour smelling and was sometimes full of mucus, he couldn't sleep, was extremely uncomfortable and our life was a total mess. My mama heart felt so scared for my baby. I took him to see every kind of doctor under the sun and was always told "he is perfectly healthy!" or "here, this steroid cream will heal him right up" or "this must be a reaction to your breastmilk" or "yep! This is a solid case of colic, don't worry. Its normal, just wait it out.

I felt lost and alone. These healthcare professionals who were supposed to help me never even took a second to unearth the root to all of my babies symptoms. My gut was screaming at me that if I didn't help him right away whatever was wrong was going to manifest into something much worse like autism, autoimmune disease or cancer. 

It took us two and a half really hard years to learn what was causing his symptoms and how to support him. His gut bacteria was imbalanced! I know. How could something seemingly so simple cause all of his symptoms? It’s wild but once we rebalanced his gut, our son literally went from surviving to thriving. Every single symptom from sour poop, eczema, inability to focus or sleep and bursts of anger left when we supported his body from the inside out and rebalanced his gut.

Now I am on a mission to teach families what I believe to be the foundation of what it takes to truly thrive. In this course I am going to teach you about gut health inside and out. You are going to walk away so knowledgeable and confident that you will be able to support your child in whole new ways.

Whether your child is struggling with unexplained symptoms or you are just looking to deepen the level of thriving within your child - I designed this course for YOU!

I help mamas tap into their intuition, bring awareness to all the "normalities" that we really don't have to "wait out" and teach simple steps to nurture children as whole beings.

In this course I am going to share with you exactly how to support your child from the inside out so they can thrive in a deeper way than most people even know is possible.


Here are a few key components that make this course unlike any other out there.

  • The Nurtured Mama

    You get an entire year in The Nurtured Mama. This is a membership program designed to simplify the gut nurturing lifestyle recommended in the course. You will get a cookbook, menu plan, shopping list etc. + new content monthly and a zoom gathering. No more guessing about elimination diets!

  • Community

    You get access to a community of mamas who are working hard to support their children, just like you are. They are there to validate, inspire and support you. This community alone is invaluable. Meet your tribe of mamas and enrich your own motherhood.

  • 1:1 Chat With Me

    Within the community you can access the chat section where you can message me directly with questions, concerns or anything else you need. I am here to brainstorm with you and give suggestions based off my own experience and the many mamas who have gone through this course.

Who is this course for?

The Thriving Child is for any mama looking to help their child thrive from the inside out. Whether your child is experiencing symptoms of an imbalance or not, I can promise you - if you implement what I teach in this course it will 100% change your families life in really beautiful ways.


I am a customer for life!

Kj Wiggins

So I have to reach out and tell you this! My daughter is 10 months old and thanks to your course based on her poop I know when she's going through a gut imbalance. Every single time her poop smells very sweet/sour and isn't fully digested I know what's coming! A yeast rash starts to develop immediately after she has one of those poops and I jump on giving her your silver and probiotic. It makes it go away! I make my own diaper cream which has calendula infused coconut oil which helps with the rash. But I alternate your silver gel and the diaper cream. Works like a charm. I am a customer for life!

Included in this Course

You will have lifetime access to all of the following . . .

  • 1:1 Chat support with me.

  • Easy to understand information on the root of your child's symptoms. (No more middle of the night google searches!)

  • A step-by-step roadmap to help you begin your child's journey toward thriving.

  • A list of foods to avoid and a list of okay foods to eat to help rebalance the gut.

  • One year in The Nurtured Mama Membership.

  • Access to a private community of intentional mamas who are also working through the course.

  • A mama self-care routine with PDF download.

  • Hope, Community and Support.

  • A little gift straight from my heart in the mail.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    A Dabble in Mama Self-Care

    • It Starts With YOU, Mama ♡


  • 3


    • Mindset

    • The Mindset it Takes for Success

    • Quote

    • If I can offer you one suggestion . . .

    • Keep Your Eyes on the Big Picture

    • Words for you, mama!

  • 4

    Affirmations and Mantras

    • These are special for you, use them!

    • You Must Believe in Possibilities

    • Mantras for you, mama

  • 5

    The Gut

    • In Simple Terms

    • Let's jump into the gut!

    • Dirt + Germs


    • When we Kill the Good Bacteria

    • Microbiome

    • The Gut


    • All things POOP

    • Let Go of Guilt

    • A Story . . . " I just feel so scared."

    • "My Mind was not Connected to my Body"

    • "How can this Possibly be Normal?"

    • Imbalance will naturally arise from time to time.

  • 6


    • The mysterious bacteria . . . Candida

    • All things Candida

    • What is Candida?

    • What causes an overgrowth?

    • Symptoms of Candida Overgrowth

    • Why is Candida so Controversial?

    • Imbalance and What it Might Look Like

    • Gut Imbalance in my Child TODAY!

  • 7


    • Lets take a deep dive!

    • Eat to Balance

    • Quote

    • What and What Not to Eat?

    • Popcorn for all of the Required Content Ahead


    • All About Wheat

    • Let's go shopping together!!

    • Sneaky Wheat


    • Hidden Dairy


    • Sneaky Sugars


    • Organic vs. Conventional

    • Organic + GMO's


    • Tips + More

    • Plan Ahead and you are Sure to Succeed!

    • Eating Out, Social Gatherings + Holidays

    • Kids and Sugar

    • Quote

    • Nightshades

  • 8


    • This is where it gets fun!!

    • I can't wait to tell you about this!

    • The Nurtured Mama

  • 9

    Keys to Success

    • You've Got This!

    • How to implement everything you have learned.

    • Quote

    • 3 Steps To a Balanced Gut

    • Your Path Forward Spectrum

    • Quote

  • 10


    • Rebalancing Products


    • Your Journey Can of Course be Successful Without These.

    • Products




    • WASH

    • What to Expect with the Rebalance Kit?

    • We did the Rebalance, are we set Forever?

  • 11

    Offerings for You, Dear Mama

    • This Section is for YOU!

    • Your mama heart capacity. Where are YOU right now?

    • The Power of Self-Care

    • Cohesive Motherhood


    • Simple Self-Care Routine


    • Mama Gut Health

    • YOU Always Know Best


  • 12


    • Knowledge and Support are Power

    • Books, Documentaries and Apps

    • My go to Resources for all things Gut Health and Motherhood

    • PANDAS Awareness

    • What if none of this works?

  • 13

    Copyright and Contact

    • Sharing and Reaching me ♡

  • 14

    YOU did it!!!

    • I am so damn proud of you!

Pricing options

Pay in full or sign up for the payment plan. Either way you get full access to the course and all the bonuses.

Due to the nature of this course being self-paced and digital, payment plans cannot be terminated.