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Course Content

    1. Welcome!!!

    2. It's time to prepare for rebalancing.

    3. The Gutsy Woman Community

    4. The Essentials of Gut Health Workbook

    5. Disclaimer

    1. You CAN Heal!

    2. The Two Most Important Components of Gut Balance

    3. Supplementing

    4. Foods to Avoid While Rebalancing the Gut?

    5. Foods to Eat While Rebalancing the Gut

    1. Recipes That Nurture Gut Health Cookbook

    2. Nightshades

    3. Organic vs. Conventional (GMO)

    4. Skin Symptom Support

    5. Plan Ahead and you are Sure to Succeed!

    6. Lifestyle Tips

    7. Food Tips

    8. Your Family's Unlimited Potential of Living in Balance

    1. What if Symptoms Get Worse?

    2. We did the Rebalance, are we set Forever?

    3. What if my child doesn't fully heal?

    4. What is the Recommended Supplement Dosage?

    5. "How can this possibly be normal?"

    1. Let's Jump into the Gut!

    2. The Gut

    3. Dirt + Germs

    4. When we Kill the Good Bacteria

    5. Microbiome

    6. Let't Talk About Poop!

    1. What Causes an Imbalance?

    2. Symptoms of Imbalance

    3. Terms to be Familiar With

    4. Gut Health on a Spectrum

    5. The quickest way to identify a gut imbalance.

About this course

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  • Health and Happiness from the Inside Out

Supplementing is only part of an all encompassing holistic healing approach. This course teaches you everything else you need to know to truly heal the body.

About Me

Juniper Bennett

Founder of ōNLē ORGANICS

I am on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of women's and childhood gut health. Through my journey of fighting for my sons health for 2.5 years, I discovered that his symptoms such as eczema, colic, sour smelling stool, developmental delays, growth delays, speech delays, and behavioral outbursts were all linked to an imbalance in his gut. Through natural healing methods, I was able to rebalance his gut and alleviate his symptoms. I have since implementing this same healing method as a lifestyle for my entire family and it has transformed our lives. I am dedicated to helping other families achieve the same results by supporting them in healing their gut health.


“So I have to reach out and tell you this! My daughter is 10 months old and thanks to your course based on her poop I know when she's going through a gut imbalance. Every single time her poop smells very sweet/sour and isn't fully digested I know what's coming! A yeast rash starts to develop immediately after she has one of those poops and I jump on giving her your silver and probiotic. It makes it go away! I make my own diaper cream which has calendula infused coconut oil which helps with the rash. But I alternate your silver gel and the diaper cream. Works like a charm. I am a customer for life!”

Kj Wiggins

“I know you share this course with moms but I tell everyone I know about it because I am actually not a mom yet but have struggled with gut issues my entire life. I can honestly say I have NEVER felt better. I am a customer for life. Thank you for sharing this course and for changing my life. You are a saint and I will be right here to say all the good things about you and what you are doing. Thank you thank you.”


“I can't believe it! My son is 3 years old and after going through your course and following what you teach he just had his first solid poop! The first he has ever had!”


Included in this Course

When you enroll you will get. . .

  • An incredibly opportunity to heal you or your child and change your life!

  • Easy to understand information on the root of common yet avoidable symptoms. Hello gut health!

  • A step-by-step pdf guide to help you rebalance you or your child's gut.

  • A list of foods to avoid and a list of okay foods to eat to help rebalance the gut. No more guessing!


Due to the nature of this course being self-paced and digital, there are no refunds.